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GW Scientific Caddo Lake Hydrology Studies

GW Scientific has established a preliminary long-term station (GCL01) at the Shady Glade Resort marina, adjacent to the Shady Glade Cafe. The station is intended for long-term monitoring of lake hydrology and groundwater conditions at the lake boundary. The data from the station will help provide information related to lake and adjacent groundwater interactions. See the below images and links to select current conditions from the GCL01 station.

Caddo Lake flooded in May 2019. See the following links to see the flood conditions at the Shady Glade Resort Marina and GCL01 (LINK) and the Shady Glade Cafe (LINK), both reopened.

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See additional plots and camera images: Water Level: Air Temperature: Lake Temperature: Air and Lake Temperature: South View Image: East View Image:

Alaska Air Temperature Comparison:

Station Diagnostics

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Data is automatically retrieved from the station using a Linux version of Loggernet Admin. This allows us a robust and secure communication system. The near-real-time data displays and plotting is achieved through RTMC-Pro.

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