CCHRC Research and Testing Facility (RTF)

South Bay, Demonstration Green Roof

Welcome to the Green Roof demonstration station at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. The Green Roof is part of the operations of the Research and Test Facility. You can watch the various plants and environmental conditions plotted below, as well as visit the Green Roof on one of the many scheduled tours hosted by CCHRC. Considering another recommended "Green Infrastructure" project for your home? How should you design to your environment? The below information on the CCHRC Green Roof can help illustrate the environmental conditions we have in the Fairbanks area. The better you understand your local environment, the better you can build to it, and in the end save money!
Station Camera Images
A Campbell Scientific camera collected hourly images to allow the public to see the Green Roof throughout the year. In the foreground, there is a micro-meteorological station and in the background you will notice solar thermal panels that are part of CCHRC's ongoing alternative energy projects.
CCHRC Green Roof Camera
North Camera   North Camera
The 24-hour image table allows you to change dates. Find out when did snow start melting off the roof. When did vegetation turn brown last fall? How did the dry period in the middle of the summer in 2009 impact vegetation? Having images of the green roof to refer helps understand these and many other questions.
Station Data Plots

Note: The below plots are being developed over the next few days

Air Temperature, Relative Humidity
  • Is the air temperature and humidity on a green roof the same as above a natural ground surface?
7 day | 14 day | 2 month | 4 month | 6 month | 12 month
Summer Precipitation
  • What is more important, a short intense rainstorm, or days of drizzle?
  • How would you size a rainbarrel catchment system for your garage roof?
    • What is the size of your roof? How much rain does it take to fill up your rain barrel?
    • How much do you need to store to meet your intended use? What should you do before winter?
  • Check back soon for answers and hints to these questions and more!
7 day | 14 day | 2 month | 4 month | 6 month | 12 month
Soil Moisture Content
  • How do soils on a green roof dry out compared with natural ground?
  • The soil covering on the green roof is about 4 inches thick and made from a mixture of top soil and composted sludge.
    A moisture retention mat and drainage board underlie the soil layer.
  • In the winter, the soil moisture decreases and then remain stable, do you know why?
7 day | 14 day | 2 month | 4 month | 6 month | 12 month
Soil Temperature
  • Not plotted yet, check back soon
7 day | 14 day | 2 month
Green Roof Construction Photos

Photos will be added soon!