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Lower Susitna River Valley

Key Personnel

Michael R. Lilly - President, Hydrologist

Michael has been working in Alaska for more than 20 years on arctic, hydrologic and environmental programs. In recent years, he has also focused in sustainable building and community projects with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. Educational background includes Texas A&M University (BS Geology) and University of Alaska Fairbanks (MS Hydrogeology). Experience includes seven years managing regional hydrology and environmental projects in the Fairbanks and Fort Wainwright area. Since 2002, research and project areas have included a good portion of the North Slope, investigating hydrology, water use and transportation networks supporting oil and gas development. Remote monitoring and data acquisition is a specialty, which includes Internet applications since 1993. Current projects include investigations across the North Slope, Shishmaref, Fairbanks, and Anaktuvuk Pass. Mr. Lilly is a member of the American Water Resources Association (AWRA); US Permafrost Association (USPA), American Geophysical Union (AGU), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). He is also a member of the Alaska Section, AWRA, and the Intelligent Transportation Society of Alaska (ITS-Alaska).

Ron Paetzold, PhD. - Sr. Systems Engineering and Soil Science Advisor

Dr. Paetzold has advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Soil Physics. He began working for GWS in 2005, after retiring from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service where he had more than 33 years active service. During his last ten years with the NRCS, he was the leader of NRCS Soil Climate Team and principal investigator for all international and Alaska soil climate research projects. Dr. Paetzold installed or helped install more than 100 climate stations in Antarctica, Tibet, Mongolia, western China, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and many states, including Alaska. He managed the data and provided annual maintenance on nearly 60 of these stations. Dr. Paetzold has authored or co-authored more than 170 publications.

Technical Staff:

GW Scientific staff includes field and project EIT's engineers, and earth-science fields. Technical specialties include instrumentation, programming and system design, and environmental and facility projects. Students are also included on research projects in conjunction with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Texas A&M University.

Business and Research Partnerships:

GW Scientific works in cooperative projects with Engineering and Environmental Internet Solutions and Restoration Science and Engineering. Other projects involve a variety of cooperative arrangements with state, federal, and local agencies, nonprofits and other private sector companies. Please review our current projects for further information on our current project partnerships.

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