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GW Scientific Caddo Lake Hydrology Studies: May 2019 Flood Conditions at Station GCL01 - Shady Glade Marina

South Camera (CSI CC5MPX) Time-Lapse Sequence

GW Scientific has established a preliminary long-term station (GCL01) at the Shady Glade Resort marina, adjacent to the Shady Glade Cafe. The below images show lake conditions in the area of the Shady Glade Resort marina, where GCL01 is located. A time lapse game sequence of images is shown for the pre-flood lake level conditions and the period of the "rising-limb" increasing flood conditions, the flood peak, and then the "falling-limb" decreasing flood conditions.

Note the boat dock is floating and moves up and down the full range of the flood conditions, protecting the boats. The fixed docks in the background go underwater during flooding.

Times are shown for Central Standard Time

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