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GW Scientific Caddo Lake Hydrology Studies: Caddo Lake Watershed Information Sources

The following are select sources of environmental information in the Caddo Lake Watershed. Please visit these organizations and sources of information to learn more about Caddo Lake and its surrounding watershed.

Caddo Lake Environmental Organizations

Caddo Lake Community Information

Caddo Lake Environmental Topics Information

  • Caddo Biocontrol Alliance: Link
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife - Giant Salvinia: Link
  • Creature From The Green Lagoon - Texas Monthly, Sept 2017 Article: Link
  • Exotic Weevils Battle Giant Salvinia at Caddo Lake: Link
  • Caddo Lake Giant Salvinia Eradication Project: Link
  • Caddo Lake Giant Salvinia Eradication - Texas A&M University: Link
  • Caddo Lake GIS Environmental Layers & Imagery: Link
  • Army, EPA still in standoff over Caddo Lake ammo plant cleanup - Longview News-Journal October 17, 2015 : Link
  • EPA: Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant, Karnack, TX - Cleanup Activities: Link
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife - Caddo Lake State Park: Link

Caddo Lake Historical Information

  • Caddo Lake Homepage - Caddo Lake History: Link
  • North Caddo Parish, Caddo Lake: Blog
  • Historic Caddo Lake Drawbridge: The Historic Caddo Lake Drawbridge Perpetuation Committee Link
  • The First "Over Water" Oil Well - Texas Escapes, October 30, 2006 : Link
  • Texas State Historical Association - Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant: Link
  • Texas Historical Association - Caddo Lake State Park: Link

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