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GW Scientific Caddo Lake Hydrology Studies: Caddo Lake Watershed Stations

The following are select hydrologic and meteorologic stations in the Caddo Lake Watershed. The links are to near-real-time reporting stations in the watershed. The data from these stations help understand many of the hydrologic cycle processes taking place in the watershed and Caddo Lake.
  • USGS Surface-Water Stations
    • Note: Below USGS sites are listed in upstream to downstream order (water flows downhill)
    • USGS 07346000 Big Cypress Bayou nr Jefferson, TX: 0734600
    • USGS 07346070 Little Cypress Bayou nr Jefferson, TX: 07346070
    • USGS 07346045 Black Cypress Bayou at Jefferson, TX: 07346045
    • USGS 07346080 Big Cypress Ck abv SH 43 nr Karnack, TX: 07346080
  • USGS Caddo Lake Stations
    • USGS 07346310 (COE) Caddo Lake at Dam near Mooringsport, LA: 07346310
  • NOAA Weather Stations in Caddo Lake Watershed
    • NWS Current Conditions, Short Term Forecast: Uncertain, TX
    • NOAA AWOS/ASOS Surface Weather Observation Stations
    • Marshall, Texas - KASL (AWOS III): Decoded

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