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GW Scientific Caddo Lake Hydrology Studies: Station GCL01

GW Scientific has established a preliminary long-term station (GCL01) at the Shady Glade Resort marina, adjacent to the Shady Glade Cafe. The station is solar powered and uses a Campbell Scientific Inc. CR1000 data logger to measure and store data from a variety of sensors.

The below camera images are made with a Campbell Scientific CC5MPX digital camera that is installed at the station and oriented looking east across the lake.

NOTE: Camera images currently unavailable

GCL01 South Camera Image
Images are collected every 15 minutes during daylight hours. New images are available within 10 minutes of being taken. Heavy storms may create short-term delays.

See additional plots and camera images: Water Level: Air Temperature: Lake Temperature: Air and Lake Temperature: South View Image: East View Image:

Alaska Air Temperature Comparison:

Station Diagnostics

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